Acoustic Drum Loops

This category offers acoustic drum loops that were performed purely by real drummers playing acoustic drums. These samples are for those that need a live, organic sound like a real band. Electronic drums are cool for certain genres of music but when it comes to that live, stage sound, nothing can quite compare with the style and nuance that only a real drummer can capture. All of our acoustic drum loops are recorded with the highest quality recording equipment, mixed, mastered and edited to perfection so that you can drop them straight into your songs.

With acoustic drums it’s not just about the drummer and the performance, it’s also about the quality of the drums we choose and how we decide to tune them to get the most suitable tone for the genre we’re recording. We also experiment with different live rooms to get the perfect room acoustics for the drums that we record. Sometimes we’ll go for a tight, dry sound that has hardly any room ambience, such as for chillout and lounge. At other times we’ll choose a large live room that offers a huge live sound which works well for genres like Soul or Rock music.

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