The Works – 16Gb of Drum Loop Downloads

$399.00 $299.00

Ever wanted all of our best selling drum loop packs for one crazy low price? Well, now you can purchase 74 of our superbly diverse drum loop packs in one inspiring volume entitled ‘The Works‘.

‘The Works’ contains 74 of our most popular sample packs of drum loops on a massive 16Gb download. You don’t have to download one huge file either as we provide individual download links for each sample pack.


16Gb of Drum Loops Downloads

This download contains over 7000 drum loops which have been expertly edited into the three most popular file formats of WAV Files (Acidized), AIFF (Apple Loops for Garageband and Logic) and REX2 files (for Reason), which brings the total number of audio files on ‘The Works’ to over 21,000.

16Gb of Drum Loop Downloads = Huge Savings and Instant Download

Normally priced at $399 and now reduced to $299, ‘The Works’ gives you a huge saving when compared to purchasing all 74 of these loop packs individually.

Here’s what you get:

  • 74 Loop Packs
  • 16 Gig of audio
  • 21,000 audio files
  • 3 file formats¬† of AIFF -WAVE- REX2
  • 100% Royalty Free License
  • Lifetime License

Here are the Drum Loop Downloads Included in ‘The Works’:

  • Blues Beats V1
  • Blues Beats V2
  • Baddass Breakbeats V1
  • Baddass Breakbeats V2
  • Classic Breaks – Hip Hop Breakbeats
  • Cinema Drums V1
  • Cinema Drums V2
  • Cinema Drums V3
  • Chillout & Lounge Drum Loops V1
  • Chillout & Lounge Drum Loops V2
  • Disco Drums V1
  • Disco Drum Loops V2
  • Drum & Bass Drum Loops – The Mash Pack
  • Drum and Bass Drum Loops V1
  • Drum n Bass Drum Loops V2
  • Dubstep Breakbeats
  • Dubstep Drum Kits
  • Electronica Drum Loops V1
  • Electronica Drum Loops V2
  • Electro Beats V1
  • Epic Metal Drums
  • Funk Fills
  • Hard Rock Drum Loops
  • Heavy Metal Drum Loops – Retro Metal V1
  • Heavy Metal Drum Loops – Very Metal V1
  • Hip Hop Drum Loops – Acoustic Dope Beats V1
  • Hip Hop Drum Loops – Electric Dope Beats V2
  • Hip Hop Drum Fills
  • House Drum Loops V1
  • Indie Drum Loops – Pop Foundations V1
  • Industrial Cinema Drums V1
  • Industrial Cinema Drums V2
  • Industrial Beatings Drum Loops V1
  • Industrial Beatings Drum Loops V2
  • Jazz Drum Loops – Jazz Cats V1
  • Jazz Cats V2 – Jazz Drum Loops
  • Jungle Drum Loops – Acoustic Jungle V1
  • Jungle Drum Loops – Jungle Fever V1
  • Kickless House Drum loops v1
  • Kickless House Drum loops v2
  • Killer Breakbeats V1
  • Killer Break Beats V2
  • Latin Drum Loops – Latin Heat V1
  • Latin Drum Loops – Latin Heat V2
  • Latin Drum Loops – Latin Percussion V1
  • Metalcore Drum Loops V1
  • Metal Stompers V1
  • Metal Stompers V2
  • Mixed Funk Drum Loops
  • Modern Country
  • Nashville Grooves – Country Drum Loops
  • Nu Skool Funk Drum Loops
  • Old Skool Funk Drum Loops
  • Quirky Beats V1 Drum Loops
  • R&B Drum Loops – Beats 4 Rhymes V1
  • RnB Drum Loops – Beats 4 Rhymes V2
  • Reggae Drum Loops – Jammin V1
  • Reggae Drum Loops – Jammin V2
  • Ska Drum loops
  • Soft Rock
  • Classic Soul Drum Loops V1
  • Classic Soul Drums V2
  • Punk Drum Loops V1
  • Punk Drum Loops V2
  • Retro Soul Drum Loops
  • Rock Drum Loops Solid V1
  • Rocksteady Reggae Drums V1
  • Tabla Loops
  • Techno & Trance Drum Loops – Techtrance Beat V1
  • Tribal Drums V1
  • Tribal Drums V2
  • Tribal Drums V3
  • Urban Drum Loops – Urban Grooves V1
  • Urban Drum Loops – Urban Grooves V2
  • XXL Rock Drum Loops

File Formats included in the Downloads:

  • Apple Loops – Apple Loop format for Garageband and Logic on Mac OSX.
  • WAV Files – (Acidized). The industry standard for years. Almost All DAW applications can handle WAV.
  • REX2 Files – For use in Reason, Cubase, Sonar, Ableton and many more DAW applications.

74 Loops Packs and You’re Set for Life!

‘The Works’ offers a huge amount of music making inspiration and will boost your creativity for years to come.

With this colossal 16 Gigabyte collection if samples you’re getting the best selling loop packs from our library of high quality drum loops with a massive selection of styles and genres.

You’ll never be stuck for inspiration when you need to build new drum tracks.


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