Category: Acoustic Drum Loops

With ‘Cinema Drums V3’ you’ll be able to create high drama, cinematic drum tracks in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Load these cinema drum loops into your DAW and start building the ultimate foundation to a movie sound track. By the time you’ve added a few of your own strings and melodic elements, your movie score will be ready for the big screen.

Price: $59.95

Give yourself total control of your rock drum tracks with these Monster rock drum samples. These single hit, multi velocity one-shots are ready to be loaded into your sampler of choice so that you can create ultra realistic MIDI drum tracks in any DAW.

Load these acoustic drum samples into Abletons ‘Sampler’, Logics EXS24, Kontakt or any other sampler that allows you to build your own instruments from WAV files. Take a listen to the previews to hear these super realistic rock drum samples in action.

Price: $24.95

Ever wanted all of our best selling drum loop packs for one crazy low price? Well, now you can purchase 74 of our superbly diverse drum loop packs in one inspiring volume entitled ‘The Works’.

‘The Works’ contains 74 of our most popular sample packs of drum loops on a massive 16Gb download. You don’t have to download one huge file either as we provide individual download links for each sample pack.

Price: $299.00

So what are ‘odd time signature drum loops’? We always get requests for drum grooves that have odd time signatures such as 3/4, 5/4, 6/8, 7/8 and even 9/8 signatures. We’ll, we decided it was time to put all of those grooves together on one eclectic loop pack.

With ‘Odd Time Signature Drum Loops V1’, we scoured our colossal library of drum loops to pick out some of the most interesting grooves that feature odd time signatures.

The results were mind blowing.

Price: $29.95

Is that a hurricane coming? No, it’s just ‘Total Rock Drum Loops’ ready to rock your world. Secure any loose objects before playing these demos, we can’t be held responsible for what’s about to assault your ears.

Take a listen to the two previews below. We put together a couple of quick demos to show you how effective these rock drum loops can be alongside your guitar and bass tracks.

Price: $39.95

Your rock and metal drum tracks deserve the best. Start strong with the right metal drum loops for the job. This instant download features two of our strongest metal drum loop packs. Scroll down, take a listen and even download some free demo loops to try in your DAW.

Price: $79.00

Massive tension, massive atmosphere and massive inspiration are all yours with this totally cinematic sample pack of ethnic Tribal Drums.

Price: $49.95

We took six of our best breakbeat drum loop packs, bundled them together and sliced 30% off the price. When you add that to our regular sales and discounts you’ll save a ton and get inspirational drum tracks for a fraction of the price.

You’re on the mailing list right? If not, you need to be on it to get the best possible deals. Get in touch and tell us to add you.

Price: $149.95

For the first time ever we’ve teamed up with super producers Platinumloops to bring you this ultimate metalcore drum loops collection from the legendary koRn and KXM drum Ray Luzier.

If you produce any kind of metalcore or hard rock music, you’re going to want the best metal drummer on the planet playing on your tracks right?

Take a listen to the previews below and you’ll hear why Ray Luzier is considered one of the best drummers in the world.

Price: $49.95

Beef up your drum tracks with some live and authentic blues drum loops for all DAW. These 255 drum loops for Blues, rock and country music will take you songs to the next level. With modern country music sounding more like pop/rock music these days, those standard blues rhythms have become more and more vital to contemporary music production. Harness the power of these real blues drum loops and make your beats sound huge.

Price: $89.95

Jazz was meant to sound live and spontaneous just like these Live Acoustic Jazz Drum Loops from Silicon Beats.

Price: $59.95

When you need some high tension drama with some serious punching power look no further than our Industrial Cinema Drums Mega Pack.

Price: $69.95

All breakbeats were not created equal. Some are more equal than others and if you download this Mega Pack you’ll be at the top of the beat making food chain.

Price: $69.95

These top notch acoustic Latin drum loops and percussion samples boast superb audio quality with a great live room ambience.

Price: $79.95

When you’re producing a score or movie soundtrack that needs the atmosphere and tension of movies like King Kong, Avatar and Apocalypto you’ll need tribal drum loops and samples that give you that cinematic drama.

Price: $99.95

We combined our two popular Punk drum loops packs into one whopping great Mega Pack bundle.

Price: $79.95