Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us with any questions it’s worth reading through our FAQ to see if the answer to your question is available right here. If you can’t find the answer you need please contact us via the contact form.

What is Silicon Beats?

Silicon Beats is an online archive of drum loops and samples that you can download and use in your songs and beats. You can purchase our drum loops as instant download packs which are available by Genre.

What Does Tempo Mean?

This signifies the optimum tempos that you can use in your DAW with these loops. Most DAW’s allow you to easily stretch the tempo up or down by around 30% before hearing any noticeable loss in audio quality.

What do you mean by 'Total File Size'?

This is the total file size of the product after download is complete and you have unzipped the audio files.

What do you mean by 'Number of Loops'?

Number of original audio files included with this product. You’ll actually get 3 times this many audio files because
we include multiple file formats at no extra cost. For example, if the number stated on the product page is 100, you’ll actually get 300 audio files. See the formats below.

What are File Formats: WAV, Apple Loops, Rex2?

All of our products include multiple file formats.  Our WAV files are fully ‘Acidized’ and work in all major DAW software. Apple Loops are optimized for use in Garageband and Logic. Rex2 files are optimized for use in Reason.

Will your audio files work in my Software?

It depends on what software you’re using. WAV files tend to be the most compatible file type for almost all audio applications But Apple Loops and Rex2 files are also popular so we include those in your download too. Each product page offers a free download with a few loops for you to test out. Simply sign up for a free account and you’ll get to access those demo loops on every product page.

Do your drum loop files contain a tempo reference?

Yes. Each file name contains the optimum tempo of the loop, such as “swing120_hat_kick1”. The ‘120’ indicates the optimum tempo, however most modern sequencing packages will allow you to stretch and manipulate the sound in order to reach your desired tempo within reasonable limits.

What is Silicon Beats?

Silicon Beats is an online archive of drum loops and samples that you can download and use in your songs and beats. You can purchase our drum loops as instant download packs which are available by Genre.

Are your drum loops Acidized?

Yes. All of our WAV file drum loops contain the beat count for Sonys ‘Acid’ DAW however, our files will still work with other audio sequencers that don’t use the ACID format. Our WAV files are simply standard WAV files that contain additional information for users of Acid. The Apple Loops and Rex2 formats that come with your purchase do not contain any information for Acid.

How do I buy your awesome products?

Simply find a suitable genre in the ‘Drum Loop Downloads’ menu and you’ll see a list of available products. When you find the product you want just click on the ‘Purchase’ button and you should see a message telling you that product was added to your cart.

At this point you can either checkout or continue shopping for more drum loop packs.

When you are ready to checkout just click on the ‘Checkout’ button in your shopping cart and follow the process for making payment. The final stage allows you to pay with your credit card or Paypal account using a secure payment form.

After you have completed payment you must click on the link that takes you back to the Silicon Beats site in order for our shopping cart system to generate your download key. This will be emailed to the email address you used for your transaction. If you create an account you’ll be able to checkout must faster for future orders.

Will my transaction be secure?

Yes. Paypal are recognized leaders in E-commerce. At the point where you actually enter your credit card details or Paypal login, you’ll notice that you are on a secure ‘https’ server. You should look for a small padlock icon in the address bar of your browser which indicates that you have a secure and encrypted connection to the payment form.

Will I be re-billed?

No. You will not be re-billed. Every time you purchase a download pack from us you are making a one-off payment for the product you are ordering.

Can I use you drum loops in my commercially released music productions?

Yes. All of the download packs that we sell are 100% royalty free. This means that if you were to purchase any of our download packs and then use those loops in your own songs you would then be able to sell your songs for profit and never have to pay us another penny.

You could release an album of songs using the loops and samples you purchased from us with no limit on the amount of albums you wanted to duplicate or sell. Hard copy and iTunes.