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Ever wanted all of our best selling drum loop packs for one crazy low price? Well, now you can purchase 74 of our superbly diverse drum loop packs in one inspiring volume entitled ‘The Works’.

‘The Works’ contains 74 of our most popular sample packs of drum loops on a massive 16Gb download. You don’t have to download one huge file either as we provide individual download links for each sample pack.

Price: $299.00

Get your hands on ‘Mega Funk’ and you’ll be one step closer to becoming the funk legend you deserve to be. You’re just a few clicks away from downloading the hottest funk drum loops ever made.

Price: $99.95

These funky drum loops are sure to wake up your ears with some crazy percussion licks performed over live funk drum breaks.

Price: $19.95

This mixed bag of live funk drum loops takes the funk to another level. Loads of funky drum grooves and fills to make your beats ready for the charts.

Price: $39.95

Funkadelic live funk drum loops breathe life into your beats with real breakbeats and fills that only a true artist can perform.

Price: $49.95

Sounding like they were sampled from Classic 70’s funk vinyl, ‘Vintage Funk Drum Loops’ is bursting with sexy grooves and hot drum fills that save you days of crate digging.

Price: $49.95

Live acoustic drum breaks add a certain magic to your beats that sequenced grooves can’t quite provide. Pop some of these in your DAW and hear the magic happen.

Price: $19.95

It’s got to be FUNKY! These drum fills bring the funk like only a real drummer can. Dynamic, spontaneous and guaranteed to get you shaking your booty.

Price: $29.95