Vintage Funk Drum Loops

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There was a time during the 60’s and 70’s when soul music and funk music was at the height of it’s commercial success. The quality of the musicianship matched the timeless song writing. A key component to that special sound were the drummers and their vintage funk drum loops. Soul and funk gave birth to a new kind of drummer, the FUNKY drummer. These masters of groove effortlessly fused drumming techniques that took influences from jazz, the blues and Latin rhythms.

Vintage Funk Drum Loops For Producers

People started paying more attention to the drums in a song because the sound was so infectious. Drummers were becoming increasingly flamboyant in their playing styles. It was a time when legendary drummers like Jabo Starks and Clyde Stubblefield were the hottest talent on the scene. The beats they made changed everything.

With ‘Vintage Funk Drum Loops’ we’ve captured that soul-funk vibe and brought it to you in one inspirational sample pack that puts the power of all that pure funk goodness at your fingertips.

We’re talking intricate hi-hat grooves, shuffle rhythms with lots of funky ghost notes, side stick beats with sexy ride cymbal patterns, its all here. We merged vintage equipment with digital recording technology to bring you the highest in audio quality.

We used a tried and tested blend of tube microphones, outboard tube compressors and highly collectible drum sets and cymbals to create the masterful sound you hear in the preview above. Three different live rooms were used for these recording sessions to give you some completely different acoustic tones. These range from large room, small room and drum booth which offers you a wide range of sounds.

Tempos range from 80 bpm to 120 bpm.

With our loops you get royalty free usage rights as standard. That means you’re safe to copyright your latest billboard hit and sell a million copies on iTunes without worry.

Here’s what you get with ‘Vintage Funk Drum Loops’

  • 187 Loops in (Acidized) WAV file format.
  • 187 Apple Loops for Garageband and Logic
  • 187 Rex2 files for Reason

Get that classic funk drum sound right now and download ‘Vintage Funk Drum Loops’, your beats will know the difference quality makes.

100% Royalty Free

When you purchase this download you’ll be licensed to use these sounds in your songs without ever having to pay royalties. That means you could have a chart topping hit with any song you created using these drum loops for your drum tracks and you won’t have to worry about us chasing you for money.

Our Loops and Samples work in all Major DAW’s and more.

DAWs - Cubase, Ableton, FL Studio, Cakewalk, Sonar, Acid, Garageband, Logic and more.

Tempos: 80 – 120 Bpm
Total Size: 339 MB
Total Loops: 187
Formats: WAV Files, Apple Loops, Rex2

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