About Us

Who is Silicon Beats?

Silicon Beats originally started life as “Breakbeats Only” way back in 2002. At that time we mainly offered what the title suggests (only breakbeats) but over the years our library of drum loops grew in size and variety in order to satisfy the demands of our customers.

In early 2005 we decided it was time to re-brand using a more appropriate name and so “Silicon Beats” was born.

Since those humble beginnings we’ve continued to expand our drum loop catalogue beyond anything we ever imagined, with a huge selection of styles and genres. From sequenced grooves to live rhythms performed by world class drummers, Silicon Beats is your ‘go-to’ resource for drum tracks of all kinds. If there’s anything you feel that should be added to our catalogue we’d love to hear your suggestions.

Silicon Beats is owned and operated by Kingpin Studios Inc which is the same company that runs the world class Platinumloops library of loops and samples, so if you need other types of loops such as strings, horns, voices and much much more please check them out.

Why Buy From Silicon Beats?

Aside from the quality and choice of drum loops that we offer, it’s worth pointing out that all of the download packs that we sell are 100% royalty free. This means that if you were to purchase any of our download packs and then use those loops in your own songs you would then be able to sell your songs for profit and never have to pay us another penny.

You could release an album of songs using the loops and samples you purchased from us with no limit on the amount of albums you wanted to duplicate or sell, whether hard copy or iTunes.

Drum Loops and Samples – It’s What We Do!

You may have noticed that at Silicon Beats we have something of a passion for drums and the whole process of recording, mixing and producing drum loops. We’ve spent many laborious hours in extreme situations in order to present to you some of the most exclusive drum loops available in the world. From freezing cold piano warehouses to melting hot live rooms with heavy acoustic dampening – we’ve seen it all and recorded some world class drummers in the most ridiculous of circumstances.

The right combination of passion for quality, great sounding drum kits, superb drummers and a well seasoned team of sound designers means that we have the skills and experience to bring you some truly stunning drum loops.

The Future of Silicon Beats

Our aim is to keep on providing high quality audio content to musicians and producers that need loops and samples to inspire their creativity. Regardless of whether you are a bedroom computer musician just starting out or a seasoned professional who just needs the right kind of loop quickly, we feel sure that Silicon Beats can offer you enough quality and choice to enhance your musical productions and boost your creativity.