Category: Hip Hop

Ever wanted all of our best selling drum loop packs for one crazy low price? Well, now you can purchase 74 of our superbly diverse drum loop packs in one inspiring volume entitled ‘The Works’.

‘The Works’ contains 74 of our most popular sample packs of drum loops on a massive 16Gb download. You don’t have to download one huge file either as we provide individual download links for each sample pack.

Price: $299.00

Let them know who’s boss. Download these wicked hip hop drum loops and stake your claim as a master beat maker.

Price: $79.95

Don’t mess around with wack hip hop drum loops that hold your beats back. Start things off with the right tools for the job.

Price: $39.95

When it comes to producing top notch Hip Hop beats it’s all about style. Your hip hop drum loops define that style more than any other element in your beat, get it right first time.

Price: $29.95

Good quality drum fills are essential if you want your hip hop beats to flow right.

Price: $29.95

Build your very own hip hop drum kits in any sampler and start making beats that feature that warm vintage vinyl sound. These ‘one-shot’ hip hop drum samples are so easy to use, they’re virtually fool proof. Simply load these 16 bit, stereo WAV files into any software or hardware sampler, assign them to pads or keys and start jamming.

We’ve kept things really simply by just having kicks, hats and snares. You can mix and match them any way you see fit.

Price: $19.95

Live acoustic drum breaks add a certain magic to your beats that sequenced grooves can’t quite provide. Pop some of these in your DAW and hear the magic happen.

Price: $19.95