Pure Hip Hop Drum Loops Mega Pack

Pure Hip Hop Drum Loops

‘Pure Hip Hop’ is the ultimate hip hop drum loop pack for Hip Hop and RnB producers who want to stand out from the crowd by using unique drum breaks that bring your beats to life. Because it’s a bundle, you’ll save 20% off the regular price of buying each sample pack individually.

Expand your hip hop horizons today and tool up with this ‘go-to’ loop pack that features both live acoustic drum loops and fills alongside expertly sequenced electronic beats.

The three sample packs featured in this Mega Pack bundle are:

Let’s talk about variation for a second. With 288 hip hop drum loops that span a wide range of different grooves and drum sounds you’ll have a drum loop for all occasions.

With ‘Acoustic Dope Beats’ you’ve got live hip hop drum loops that feature different drummers, drum sets and room acoustic. With ‘Electric Dope Beats’ you’ve got yourself a killer collection of sequenced drum grooves using electronic drum samples. With ‘Hip Hop Drum Fills’ you’ve got the ultimate stash of live breaks and fills to drop into your beats just before the main hook kicks in and wins over your listeners.

Here’s what you get with ‘Pure Hip Hop Drum Loops Mega Pack’

  • 288 Wav file Drum Loops (Acidized)
  • 288 Apple Drum Loops
  • 288 Rex2 file Drum Loops

It’s all right here, everything you need to become a respected ‘beatsmith’ who has the right sounds on command. Download ‘Pure Hip Hop’ right now and take your place among the best.

What is a Mega Pack?

A Mega Pack is where we bundle together two or more popular loop packs and then offer them at a reduced price. If you’re prolific user of high quality drum loops this will be the best option for you as it gives you more bang for your buck as well as plenty of material for your drum tracks right when you need it the most.

Tempos: 65 to 170 Bpm
Total Size: 378 MB
Total Loops: 288
Formats: WAV Files, Apple Loops, Rex2