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Build your very own hip hop drum kits in any sampler and start making beats that feature that warm vintage vinyl sound. These ‘one-shot’ hip hop drum samples are so easy to use, they’re virtually fool proof. Simply load these 16 bit, stereo WAV files into any software or hardware sampler, assign them to pads or keys and start jamming.

We’ve kept things really simply by just having kicks, hats and snares. You can mix and match them any way you see fit.



Fire up your sampler with these super crusty hip hop drum kit samples for hip hop producers. These hip hop drum samples are most definitely of the rough and ready variety with plenty of analogue punch and a tasty touch of fried chicken.

This sample pack consists purely of single hit drum samples that we hand picked and then sampled from our very own hip hop drum loop packs. We basically scoured all of the live hip hop drum breaks that we’ve recorded over the last 12 years and lifted out the sweetest kicks, snares and hats that we could find.

That means that each of these single hit drum samples still contains all the mastering, processing and EQ that we originally used when we mastered the recordings. We then chopped the single hits into perfectly edited stereo WAV files.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with this drum sample pack:

  • 31 Hi Hat Samples
  • 21 Kick Drum Samples
  • 7 Rim Shot Samples
  • 27 Snare Drum Samples

All of these samples are 16 bit stereo WAVE (WAV) files.

As an added bonus we also included the 8 drum loops that you hear in the demo but please note that this product is not a loop pack, this product is a sample pack of single hit drum samples, AKA ‘one-shots’.

100% Royalty Free

When you purchase this download you’ll be licensed to use these sounds in your songs without ever having to pay royalties. That means you could have a chart topping hit with any song you created using these drum loops for your drum tracks and you won’t have to worry about us chasing you for money.

Total Size: 4.3 MB
Total Samples: 86 Single Hit Drum Samples
Formats: WAV Files

DAWs - Cubase, Ableton, FL Studio, Cakewalk, Sonar, Acid, Garageband, Logic and more.


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