Drum-n-Bass Drum Loops V2

Drum-n-Bass Drum Loops V2

After scouring our archives of funk and hip hop drums for countless hours we gathered a tasty selection of live break beats and fills, then forced them through the DnB meat grinder. The result is ‘Drum-n-Bass  Drum Loops V2’, which is ready for you to download right now to feed your beats with some speaker splitting ‘DnB’ energy.

Download Drum-n-Bass Drum Loops for Your Beats

Using live drum breaks from our soul, jazz, Latin and rock collections, we chopped, sliced, diced, time stretched and re-sequenced our original masters to create this face melting sample pack of of killer drum breaks and fills.

DnB always sounds better with live acoustic beats as the main source of inspiration. We like to drop those beats into Ableton and then surgically re-sequence them into awesome new DnB grooves. We then splice in some funky fills and tie it all together with a few tech elements like crisp, tight hi-hats or shiny new ride cymbals.

Each 24 bit loop comes in three different file formats. You’ll be treated to WAV files, Apple Loops for Garageband and Logic as well as Rex2 files for Reason. Yep, you can load these into pretty much any DAW.

Here’s what you get with ‘DnB Drum Loops V2’

  • 150 Loops in (Acidized) WAV file format.
  • 150 Apple Loops for Garageband and Logic
  • 150 Rex2 files for Reason

Drum loops just don’t come any more chewed up than this. You can only imagine the fragile mental state our master drum programmer was left in after conjuring up these insane break beats and drum fills. Take advantage of that beat creating talent right now and download this sample pack. Your beats will thank you.

Although we’ve gone totally overboard with the frenetic programming of these beats there is still plenty of room left for you to add your own creativity and make these sound fit your production style. Order, download, be inspired.

Tempos range from 156 to 183 bpm.

Tempos: 156 to 183 Bpm
Total Size: 200 MB
Total Loops: 155
Formats: WAV Files, Apple Loops, Rex2

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