Dubstep Drum Samples Mega Pack

Dubstep Drum Samples Megapack

BIG-MASSIVE-BEATS! That’s what you’re gonna get with this mega pack. We’ve combined two insane drum loop packs to bring you the ultimate in Dubstep drum samples and Drum n Bass grooves. Intensely mashed up, grimy drum rhythms that range from 80 to 170 bpm.

With a total of 348 loops and a file size of just over 1gigabyte, this mega pack has some serious clout. Mega Packs are bundled loop packs that are priced lower to save you money.

Download Dubstep Drum Samples for Your Beats

When the bass drops you need dubstep drum samples that can hold up to the onslaught of pure carnage that no self respecting Dubstep producer can live without out. That’s why ‘Mega Dubstep’ exists, to counterbalance the heavy bass drops that make Dubstep so notorious.

We’re talking drum breaks that drop like an earthquake and leave a trail of devastated ear drums. Beats so heavy they create their own gravity and threaten to knock the world off its axis.

Take your dubstep and DnB beats to a whole new level of ‘heavy’ with this sick bundle of drum brutality.

The two sample packs featured in this Mega Pack bundle are:

Here’s what you get with ‘Dubstep Drum Loops Mega Pack’

  • 348 Wav file Drum Loops (Acidized)
  • 348 Apple Drum Loops
  • 348 Rex2 file Drum Loops

What is a Mega Pack?

Megapacks are where we bundle together two or more popular loop packs and then offer them at a reduced price. If you’re prolific user of high quality drum loops this will be the best option for you as it gives you more bang for your buck as well as plenty of material for your drum tracks right when you need it the most.

Tempos: 80 to 170 Bpm
Total Size: 1010 MB
Total Loops: 348
Formats: WAV Files, Apple Loops, Rex2
Do You Need Even more Dubstep Samples?

If our selection isn’t enough to satisfy your demands, head over to our partners Platinumloops. Take a listen to their savage selection of dubstep sample packs.