Cinema Drum Loops – Industrial V1

Industrial Cinema Drum Loops V1 - Cinema Samples

Be afraid, be very afraid. These loops are positively EVIL. Dark, distorted, nasty and a little bit scary. That’s the only way to describe these tension filled grooves. ‘Industrial Cinema Drum Loops V1’ is the ideal writing partner for any producer creating cinematic sound tracks that BITE. These testosterone filled loops are brimming with atmosphere and a barely contained rage.

Industrial Cinema Drum Loops

Featuring cinema drum loops, percussion, FX, atmospheres and more, this sample pack will bring pure adrenaline to your tracks. Whether your a game developer, a movie score composer or just writing some hard core industrial tunes, ‘Industrial Cinema Drums V1’ has the intensity and aggression your tracks need to stand out from the rest. Everything that you hear in the demo and more is included with this product.

Industrial Cinema Drums V1 contains 10 construction kits which feature 170 high quality audio loops with clearly labelled file names showing the construction kit name, tempo, instrument and time signature. This makes it really easy for you to mix all of the individual elements together in your DAW. Simply drag and drop the loops to their own individual audio tracks and arrange them to suite your production style. We also included example mixes for each kit to get you off to a quick start.

Here’s what’s included in your download of ‘Industrial Cinematic Drums V1’.

  • 170 Wav file loops (Acidized), 170 Apple Loops, 170 Rex2 file Loops
  • 10 MIDI files

We’ve used every kind of overdrive and distortion effect we could lay our hands on. Screaming filters, flangers, phasers and all manner of tube driven compressors were seriously abused during the production of this sample pack. Our goal was to make these grooves as dirty and disturbing as possible.

Listen to the demo above, we think you’ll agree that we smashed that goal with a steel baseball bat. The sounds in this loop pack are provided as WAV files, Rex2 and Apple Loops formats. We’ve also included the MIDI files from the original sequences so that you can easily load these grooves into your DAW and customize them to your exact requirements.

Whatever your exact production needs, if you’re on the hunt for some drum loops that create suspense and raise the hairs on the back of your neck, this is where the hunt ends.

Delve into the dark side today with these brutal samples and make some seriously dark tracks. Just don’t give yourself nightmares.

Tempos range from 60 to 160 bpm and many files include 5/4 and 6/8 time signatures.

Tempos: 60 to 160 Bpm
Total Size: 492 MB
Total Loops: 170
Formats: WAV Files, Apple Loops, Rex2

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