Latin music has some of the most infectious rhythms known to man. We captured the essence of those Latin grooves in a way that only a real drummer can provide. These drum loops were expertly recorded in a variety of acoustic live rooms using an assortment of high end drum kits. With plenty of rim shots, loads of drum fills, cowbell grooves and other percussion instruments, you’ve got everything you need to build authentic Latin drum tracks with a unique live vibe.

The room acoustics featured in these recordings offer lots of high quality sonic character that works perfectly for Latin and funk music. Click on any of the boxes below to view the full product information where you’ll be able to listen to previews and even download some free demo loops. These sample packs are available right now as instant downloads so that you don’t have to interrupt your workflow, simply find the sounds you like, order, download, unzip the files and get inspired. You’ll be crafting Latin infused tracks in no time.

In addition to Latin drum rhythms we’ve also got some superb Latin percussion samples that feature conga, bongo, timbales and many other percussive instruments that work perfectly in Latin music. Want to spice up you house grooves? No problem, just add some live conga beats and you’ll add some instant magic to your dance tracks in just a few clicks.

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