Odd Time Signature Drum Loops V1

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So what are ‘odd time signature drum loops’? We always get requests for drum grooves that have odd time signatures such as 3/4, 5/4, 6/8, 7/8 and even 9/8 signatures. We’ll, we decided it was time to put all of those grooves together on one eclectic loop pack.

With ‘Odd Time Signature Drum Loops V1’, we scoured our colossal library of drum loops to pick out some of the most interesting grooves that feature odd time signatures.

The results were mind blowing.

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With drum loops taken from a wide range of our sample packs, you’ll definitely have some fun using these samples. ‘Odd Time Signature Drum Loops’ includes choice grooves from our Blues, Cinematic, Country and Funk collections so you’ve got a wide range of genres covered just in this one download.

Try before you buy

Here’s a little taster of the type of loops you can expect with this loop pack. You’ll need to be logged in to download this zip file but membership is free. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to setup your account.

Here’s what you get with ‘Odd Time Signature Drum Loops V1’

  • 188Loops in (Acidized) WAV file format.
  • 188 Apple Loops for Garageband and Logic
  • 188 Rex2 files for Reason
Tempos: 81 to 186 Bpm
Total Size: 558 MB
Total Loops: 188
Formats: WAV Files, Apple Loops, Rex2

Here is a breakdown of the files you’ll get with this download:

  • Cinematic – 43 drum loops in the 3/4 time signature
  • Blues – 41 drum loops in the 6/8 time signature
  • Funk – 11 loops in 5/4, 13 loops in 6/4, 8 loops in 7/4, 15 loops in 7/8 and 4 in 9/8 signatures
  • Country – 53 loops in the 3/4 time signature

Whatever your poison, there’s plenty to work with in this very universal drum loop pack of odd time signatures. Watch out for our second volume coming soon.


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