Chillout Drum Loops V1

Considered vintage in their own right, these chillout drum loops were recorded way back in the early 'noughties' and still sound awesome today. Kick back and …


Vintage Funk Drum Loops

Sounding like they were sampled from Classic 70's funk vinyl, 'Vintage Funk Drum Loops' is bursting with sexy grooves and hot drum fills that save you days of …


Metalcore Drum Loops V1

Cover Granny's ears, it's about to get LOUD! She definitely will not approve of the brutal mayhem that's about to assault your speakers in the form of these …


Mixed Funk Drum Loops

This mixed bag of live funk drum loops takes the funk to another level. Loads of funky drum grooves and fills to make your beats ready for the


Punk Drum Loops V1

Just using uptempo rock drum tracks simply wont cut it, you need proper Punk Drum Loops that have all the right grooves and the perfect amount of testosterone …