Metal Drum Loops – Metal Stompers V2

Download Live Metal Drum Loops with Stompers V2

We’re back with the second installment of Metal Stompers, bringing you more metal mayhem featuring live drumming carnage for metal producers. These are the stomp beats you’re gonna need to create slammin metal tracks that make you wanna STOMP! Simply add guitars, bass and you’re ready to rock the stage at ‘Monsters Of Rock’. Try and resist the HNF (Head Nod Factor) of these killer metal drum loops, you can’t deny it.

Blistering Metal Drum Loops

This sample pack features 71 live acoustic drum loops in the hard metal genre. We also included the 77 multi-velocity drum kit samples in WAV format so that you can easily build your own drum grooves from scratch.

Take a listen to the demo above and you’ll hear how easy it is to create monster metal tracks easily. We spent about 30 minutes crafting the demo just by adding guitar and bass to give you an idea of how powerful these drums sound in a metal mix.

The loops are all 70/140 bpm, so you’ve plenty of scope for stretching them to fit your project. There are lots of fills and beat variations that enable you to achieve natural sounding drum tracks. Switch from hi-hat to ride grooves as well as thundering tom tom grooves. Did we mention the skull shattering 16 inch Sabian AA Chinese crash cymbal that’s featured so heavily in these drum loops? Oh man, you’ll hear it in the demo, it sounds a little like ‘Armageddon’ or ‘The Apocalypse’ every time our deranged drummer gives it a smack.

Add to this the fact the these drums just sound IMMENSE and you’ll see why this loop pack is a no-brainer for any self respecting rock or metal producer. The room ambience that we captured during recording just makes these drums sound huge and all this sonic ear candy can be yours right now. Download this product today and make sure your metal tracks have EPIC drums from the start.

Check out ‘Metal Stompers V1‘ and see where it all began. Tempos 70/140 Bpm.

Here’s what you get with ‘Metal Stompers V2’

  • 71 Loops in (Acidized) WAV file format.
  • 71 Apple Loops for Garageband and Logic
  • 71 Rex2 files for Reason
  • 77 WAV files of the ‘one shot’ single hit drum samples from each part of the drum set.

With a massive sound and killer rhythms this is one sample pack you can’t afford to overlook.

Kit Samples Included – In addition to the loops we’ve also included 77 single hit drum samples of the drum set used during the recording session. This enables you to build your own virtual drum kit or enhance the loops because you’ll have the exact same drum sound featured in the loops.

Please Note: The guitar and bass tracks you hear in the preview are purely for demonstration purposes. This product only contains drum loops.

Tempos: 70/140 Bpm
Total Size: 329 MB
Total Loops: 71 loops + 77 Kit Samples
Formats: WAV Files, Apple Loops, Rex2

Need Even More Metal Drum Loops?

If the sizable collection of high quality metal drum loops in our store is still not enough for you, consider hopping over to our sister site Platinumloops to check out their drum loops collection. They’ve been producing inspirational loops and samples for 20 years.