Jazz Drum Loops Mega Pack

Jazz Drum loops MegaPack

Get your jazz productions off to a strong start with a colossal collection of live acoustic jazz drum loops that were made specifically for jazz music production. Whether you’re a song writer or commercial producer, this Mega Pack boasts size and quality in a 692 Mb download that’ll have you producing authentic sounding jazz drum tracks in no time.

You’ll get drum loops that feature brushes, sticks, drum fills and lots of traditional jazz grooves as well as Latin infused rhythms.

With jazz music it’s all about that ‘live’ sound. You could spend ages trying to emulate a real drummer by sequencing some midi grooves that sound like, well…. midi, or you could simply use the real thing and sound like a million bucks. The ‘Jazz Drum Loops Mega Pack’ offers drum fills galore and loads of groove variations and inspirational jazz rhythms to power your drum tracks.

The two sample packs featured in this Mega Pack bundle are:

If you’re not entirely sure what a ‘Mega Pack’ is allow us to explain. With our ‘Mega Packs’ we bundle together two or more drum loop packs and offer them at a reduced price. When compared to purchasing these products separately a ‘Mega Pack’ will often cost around 20% less. That means you get more inspiration at a more affordable price.

Here’s what you get with ‘Jazz Drum Loops Mega Pack’

  • 244 Loops in (Acidized) WAV file format.
  • 244 Apple Loops for Garageband and Logic
  • 244 Rex2 files for Reason

With 244 live acoustic jazz drum loops ready to do your bidding it’s like having your very own personal jazz drummer but without the sore ear drums.

Sometimes only the real thing will do. With Jazz music it’s got to the be the real deal all the way.

Download this mega pack right now and get your jazz tracks cooking.

Tempos: 80 to 180 Bpm
Total Size: 692 MB
Total Loops: 244
Formats: WAV Files, Apple Loops, Rex2

Need Even More Jazz Loops?

When you need even more jazz drum sounds, head over to our partners at Platinumloops for a wealth of Jazz Drum Sample Packs of all kinds