How To Route Impulse Pads to Audio Tracks in Ableton

Having often needed to use this technique ourselves during the production of our electronic drum loop products we figured we would share the knowledge and show you how it’s done.

Ableton has a really cool drum machine/sampler called Impulse but the processing controls for each drum pad are pretty basic. You can expand on that simply by routing each pad to an audio track.

What this enables you to do is treat each Impulse drum pad the same way you would a real live drum mix. By having the kick and snare drum routed to their own unique audio track you can then apply limitless drum processing to each drum sound independent of the others.

So if your kick needed some eq, compression and gating you could easily do that without the other drum sounds in your impulse kit being effected. Pretty sweet huh?

If you don’t have the patience or bandwidth to watch the video there is a cool step by step article on how to achieve this here. Ableton Tutorial – How to route impulse pads to audio tracks.

Learn the basics of Impulse and find out about it’s other features

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